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Aries plus leo- only friends?

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    Hello everyone .

    this is my first post 🙂

    i am aries born 21.03.1990 in lodz poland – 12;20 pm
    i have a new crush born 11.08.1989 in lodz, poland – 12;00 pm

    we’ve known each other for a year but started flirting
    or getting into closer friendship since november.

    this is the cosmogram.

    can you tell me is it worth to be emotionally involved or not?
    actually he really likes me but he is a social person and he likes everyone.
    and i dont know if he likes me as a friend …

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    The question you have asked is of a serious nature and we need to evaluate both of your horoscopes and check for compatibility of your nature. This is a time consuming process details of which are there on blog which you may read through and approach us for a Paid Consultation.

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    Navneet Khanna

    Thanks for visiting

    When two fire signs come together, you can be sure the relationship is going to be HOT in every way you can think of. These two have a great understanding of each other as they are driven by the same things and they make the perfect couple with an exciting, sexy and sizzling relationship.

    Know more about the Aries and Leo Love Compatibility from the link below

    Aries and Leo – Love and Sexual Compatibility


    Navneet Khanna

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