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Astro Anand Kumar sir…please help me

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    Hello Sir,
    when will I get married? I knew her or I will see her in future?
    4:44 am
    Dubai, United arab emirates

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    Astro Anand Kumar
    Astro Anand Kumar

    Hello Greetings from Astrologymag, Further to your question you are born in Pisces lagna and Revathy star both Lagna and Rasi is Pisces.
    Currently Running Venus Dasa and Saturn Bukthi till 2018 Middle, After that Mercury period will start.
    Mercury and Venus are in 2nd house having Aswini Star holding resulting Ketu influence in family and spouse area.
    Sun is exalted in 2nd who is your 6th lord gives good contacts and your father would have improved his status after your birth.
    Coming to your questions there is possibility of having marriage next year when Venus and Mercury joins as phase.
    Guru aspects from his own house to 2nd having mercury, venus and sun gives good family name.
    Your 4th and 7th lord mercury is in retrograde hence offering Thulasi Mala and Sweets to Lord Vishnu will do good for marriage.
    All the best
    Ananda Kumar Sharma

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswaara rao

    YOur lagna is Meena.
    Moon in lagna is good.
    But moon is not having much strength as he is hearing
    no moon day.
    Budha and Sukra are not combust by RAvi.
    Very bad point in your horoscope is
    Sani is looking Budha and Sukra.
    This is very bad for marriage.
    There will be many obstacles for your marriage.
    You have to try VERY VERY HARD.
    Ordinary efforts will not be sufficient to get you married.
    Better if you do penance for six months,to reduce
    the evil of Saturn on your horoscope.


    Bad placement of planets in horoscope leads to financial
    and health problems.For health problems,3 or 6 months
    practice is sufficient..For financial or other problems,12 or
    24 months practice of penance is necessary.
    YOu have to do penance for 12months,to remove
    the negativity in horoscope.
    1.Penance means observing fast for one day in a week.
    On the day of fast ,you can eat uncooked vegetables,for
    two months.
    After two months,you have to fast for one day in a week,
    by drinking diluted lemon juice with honey.You can drink
    lemon juice(diluted) with honey ,daily 10 or 12 times.
    Prime minister Modi was doing fast for the last 30 years,
    for two days continuously in every week.
    Likewise,Mahatma Gandhi’s greatness and popularity was
    attributed to his fasting for longer periods of 20days in every
    year,in addition to small fasts very frequently.

    2.Second remedy-colour ray method(instead of gemstones)
    In paper shops,celliphone paper sheets are sold at the
    price of rs10 for one sheet.Purchase a yellow sheet of
    celliphone paper.You make it 4 pieces,each measuring
    6inches x 4inches.
    Then you place one piece of yellow sheet(6inches x 4 inches)
    on your face at a distance of one inch from your face,for
    3mins.You have to close your eyes and stand before sun
    after 8am or 9am ,when the sun is bright.
    Sun rays will pass through yellow paper and enter your face.
    This is divine light which reduces planetary evils.
    You can keep yellow paper for 3 days and give a break
    for 3 days.Again you can apply yellow light for 3 days.
    Like this ,you can continue for 3months.
    3.Feed birds and animals.
    4.Do daily 10 rolling namaskars on floor.
    It is called Anga pradakshinams.
    Ask any senior priest of temple its meaning.
    5.Whenever there is rain,you can sit in rain for
    3 or 5 mins.
    6.(If you are married)You have to do sex once in two months.
    YOur semen quality decides your prana( will power ) strength.
    Semen works as a shield against so many bad influences.
    Celibacy is called Brahma charya in upanishads.
    Brahma means God or semen.Charya means protection.
    Your semen is your God.
    The above are the methods of penance.
    7.Another method of penance is sitting in a tub filled with
    cold water ,until the level of your navel.
    In ancient times,saints used to stand in water lake upto
    a waist level.
    Such a penance is simplified,by sitting in a tube.
    Purchase a plastic tub with a diameter of 3feet and height
    of seven inches.
    It will cost rs 400. You have to sit in the tub with cold water,
    but keep the feet outside the tub.
    Daily you can sit in tub water for 10 mins or 15 mins.
    It will raise kundalini and remove your sins of past life.
    8.Another method is to avoid milk products,sweets,sweet
    fruits,dry fruits,nonveg,fish,eggs,liquors for 6months minimum.
    The person can eat meals and tiffins,avoiding above items.
    The meals can contain wheat and rice items.
    The patient has to drink leaf juice everyday.

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    thank you mr Ananda Kumar Sharma and K.Umamaheswaara rao sir,

    mr Ananda, please tell me she is foreigner or from my local city I am living now? because 2018 is very near and I donot know who is her

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