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astro query

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    this is sameera .
    I want to know when my good times will start as I am facing hurdles and disappointment since 2006 .happiness comes for short period of time then again gloomy days starts ,fed up of such life .got good job but terminated,got good marriage proposal but rejected due to dusky color .every time I feel am I born wrong or something is wrong .I never get what i desire questions are when i WILL GET GOOD JOB? and when my good days will start?

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    Give us your date, time and place of birth and your educational background.

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    ohh sorry I forget to mention my birth details .
    I am so sorry.

    dob:16 dec 1990
    tob:02:03 ( i doubt my time of birth because after 02:13 my ascendant changes to libra before that my ascendant is virgo)
    pob: durg chhattisgarh
    gender :female
    education :completed engineering in 2012 in computer science got job after two years in a very good company but lost it due to some politics .
    I am worried and unable to take rejection whether in career and relations .i feel so frustrated and don’t like meeting or interacting anyone .

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    Your Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus are powerless as per your horoscope and this in turn has made your 12th, 9th and 2nd house very weak and these are causing all the problems in your life. Your period starting from 2014 is not very favourable and is going to last for some time to come. Read my blog to understand my reasoning. When you work for ₹10, your returns will be only worth ₹7 and you will have quite a lot of wasteful expenditure, Losses etc. too. Also read my article “Are there remedies in Astrology”.

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    When will get married?is there any success for lovemarriage
    Dob:12/11/1990,time11:13pm,place newdelhi

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Hello vivek,
    Your lagna is Kataka.
    Jupiter in lagna is excellent.
    Of course kethu in lagna,not so good.
    Kuja in 11th house is also very good.
    Sukra in own house in fourth house with
    neecha Ravi is good to some extent.
    Seventh house stands for marriage.
    Sani as owner of seventh house,is in
    sixth house,not good.
    You are presently running rahu period
    from 2010 to 2028.
    Rahu causes you troubles in all your love
    affairs and marriage efforts.
    You have to do penance for two years
    to reduce the cruelty of Rahu.
    It is better that you continue penance
    even after marriage,to have peaceful
    married life.
    Penance means observing fast on every
    Saturday.On the day of fasting,you can
    eat unlimited quantity of uncooked vegetables.

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