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    My Son was born on 30 Dec 1992 though he was due for delivery only by 9th Jan. We have done the early delivery as per an astrologer’s advice to arrange that for most auspicious time by cesarean surgery. Though his time of birth and star alignment was perfect , none of the predictions based on his horoscope has realised . Now recently I got to know that if we do such manipulated deliveries , the Horoscope of the child may not get effective as it will be different from what god has decided early on . Please advice .

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    You are absolutely right. God has His own plans and no foolish astrologer or a doctor can manipulate it. You did a wrong thing by preponing the delivery. However whatever you do the baby will be born at the appointed time. The time of birth of the baby should be taken as the time when the baby gives out the shrill cry for the first time which initiates the baby’s own breathing process which lasts till he dies, again the date of death can also be never predicted by even the best doctor in the world. God has His own ways of sustaining this universe and no living being can alter it.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Now ,it has become a big business for astrologers to fix a date
    and lagna,so that boy becomes a billionnaire or a prime minister.
    Astrologers are paid big amounts not for reading horoscope but
    for fixing the caesarian surgery.
    Doctors are finding it difficult to do that surgery for two or
    three expecting mothers.
    Nurses are acting as commission agents for astrologers and
    advising pregnant mothers to go to a particular astroger
    if they want a chief minister to be born in their house.

    Writing marriage muhurthas,is not big business.
    Now fixing time for caesarian surgeries ,has become a
    big business.
    Now comin to the quesion,the birth time alone has to be taken
    into consideration even though it is a caesarian birth.
    We dont know,when God wanted to give birth to the child.

    It is not a new phenomenon. King Ravana tried to make Indrajit
    born at a time when most of the planets are in 11 th house.
    But it is said that Devas managed to delay the time by a
    few minutes,so that Sani enters 12 th house.Indra jit was
    born in Kataka lagna.

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