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    hello sir,

    my bahava bala houses are:

    1st house : 7.84
    2nd house: 8.68
    5th house: 9:10
    9th house: 9.13
    10th house: 7.10
    11th house: 8.42
    12th house: 9.30

    my question is as my 11th house is stronger than 10th house (also its lord)
    then businessis is suitable for me and how about your opinion speculator and business speculator? most strongest 12th house means I will succeed in abroad?

    many thanks and I also read carefully your website

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    The bhavabalas have to be moderated using the residential strength of planets and its nature and only then you can arrive at the realistic strength of the houses which involves quite a lot of mathematical computations. If it were so easy to make astrological evaluations, anyone could have become an astrologer.

    It would be meaningless to evaluate a horoscope just by looking at the bhavabalas which sometimes will have no correlation to the actual experiences in life. Because there is also an Anubhavayoga too which implies the extent to which you will be able to enjoy the benefits of planetary placements and this requires a high degree of logical and mathematical knowledge coupled with a lot of experience.

    A powerful 12th house will reduce wasteful expenditure, losses and will help in the acquisition of spiritual knowledge, pleasures in bed and other significations related to the house. Speculation is another sort of gambling which will normally end up in losses or no profit at all. No one has ever made himself rich by gambling if you look at history.

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    thank you sir, foe being successful business man please inform me about its combinations?

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    If your 11th house strength is more than that of the 10th house potency
    after due moderation, you can be a successful business man to the extent by which it exceeds.

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    sir , the strongest house in my chart are 12th, 9th, 5th with the points of more than 9.

    also my 11th lord is more stronger than 10th house
    10th house: 7.10
    11th house: 8.42
    2nd house: 8.68

    I am engineer but I want to go in stock market and business speculator in abroad , as my 12th house is most strongest house, I think I will be successful in abroad as a businessman .

    and my good mahadasha is coming from this August. please tell me for stock market and business speculator which houses must I consider more ?

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    You may read my earlier post in this topic which applies to you as well.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    YOu are going to bhava bala,without seeing whether
    minimum dhana yogas are there or not.
    YOu have to see whether 5th and 11th houses are occupied
    or not.These two houses play an important part in speculation.
    Further ,you have to see whether 2nd house has got any connection
    with 5 th lord or 11 th lord.
    Without strong dhana yogas,you should not enter speculation
    market.It will be disastrous.
    YOu should be running a good dasa.
    You should be careful about a trap by planets.

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    thank u sir

    my saturn 11th and 12th lord is exalted (19 degrees) in 8th house , is it good for business ? because is the house of others money(speculation)

    my 5th lord is in 1st house with good deginity

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    11th lord in 8th is very bad for finances.
    But 12 th lord in 8th is good.It does not indicate business.
    5th lord in 1st is good but not sufficient to enter business.

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