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Can you read my chart


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    Kabbyik Mitra

    Can you please read by chart. I born on 17/08/1981 time 7:30. Virgo ascendant and aquarius rashi, Jupiter, venus and sat in 1st, ketu in 5th, moon in 6th, mars in 10th, rahu in 11th, sun and mercury in 12th. Will be grateful. Thanks sir.

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    Navneet Khanna

    Your Lagna is Virgo and Rashi is Aquarius, you are born under the Shatabhisak Nakshatra. Lagan lord Mercury is in the 12th house and combust, which is not good. This will give problems related to skin, feet and nerves. Moon is under the Kamadruma dosha. The person is prone to negative thinking in life. It is not that he cannot make great advancement, but as Rahu is in the 12th house, he will face many challenges in life.

    Doing the remedies of Moon are strongly recommended.


    Navneet Khanna

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    You have not given the place of birth. All other data given are of no use. Who told you are Virgo lagna? Looks like you are Leo lagna. Taking the birth as Kolkata, here is your planetary strengths.

    Planet Strength Good% Bad% Lifeless Nature Net effect

    Sun 100.00 52.08 23.76 24.16 Benefic 75.84
    Moon 16.38 72.57 19.56 7.88 Benefic 15.09
    Mars 91.20 22.60 58.76 18.64 Malefic 74.20
    Mercury 63.05 22.45 38.02 39.53 Malefic 38.13
    Jupiter 3.47 40.28 36.92 22.79 Benefic 2.68
    Venus 96.42 22.07 55.39 22.55 Malefic 74.68
    Saturn 12.95 41.88 44.06 14.05 Malefic 11.13
    Rahu 52.07 72.57 19.56 7.88 Benefic 47.96
    Kethu 45.66 41.88 44.06 14.05 Malefic 39.24

    Net 57.90 43.15 37.79 19.06 Benefic 46.86

    For more details come through Paid Consultation after reading through my blog

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