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    Hi, I am going through a very difficult phase for the past couple of years regarding my career and earnings. I am clueless on what to do next. My family is in big anxiety because of my work situation. When will I find a new job? Should I venture in to some kind of business? Please advice for a solution. Thank you very much.
    DOB: 30th Nov 77, TOB: 6.03PM, POB: Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu

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    Give your field of expertise and what type of business you have in mind. Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are powerless in your horoscope and that tells upon your poor career and earnings. Perhaps you could succeed in business related to Rahu, Kethu and Mars. Read my blog to know what are signified by the planets.

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      Thank you for the response. My expertise is in the field of science and research and I am pondering over a business related to this area. Please advice what kind of business is related to Rahu, Kethu and Mars and whether my current Dasa and Bukthi’s are favorable for the same. Warm Regards.

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    Careers by planet

    Mars fire, energy, metals, initiative, weapons, construction, soldiers, police, surgeons, engineers.

    Rahu researchers, engineers, physicians, medicine/drugs, speculators, aviation, electricity, waste.

    Ketu idealism, enlightenment, religion, secret affairs, poisons, metaphysics.

    For detailed scientific evaluation of your horoscope you will have to come through Paid Services.

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