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Career and family

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    Dear Mr. Khanna, I hope if i can bother this forum with an analysis of my future. for the past few years – there have been several issues cropping up in my life – with regard to career, finance, family life etc. I would like to know whEn things will become better.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    My Details. Date: 7/nov/1973
    Time: 10.20 am
    Place: new delhi
    Thanking you in advance

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    You have a rather powerful horoscope and your problems are possibly on account of your tongue. If you control your temper and do not speak ill of others nor be unpleasant to people, you will be all right. The problem in your horoscope is a weak Sun and presence of Mandi and Gulika in the First house. Read Srikrishnakarnamrutham 50 times and that will be an excellent remedy for the affliction in your horoscope.

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    thank you. kindly let me know when things will clear up. an astrologer i met informed that my venus dasa will give trouble for some years and is not in a favourable position.

    Is it a favourable time for settlement of property?

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    Please come through Paid consultation if you need all the details of your horoscope after reading my blog

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