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Career and Foreign settlement

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    Hello Sir,
    Hope you are doing good

    my birth detail>

    Name : Rajan
    DoB : 18-oct-1989
    Time : 06:30 am
    Place : Muzaffarnagar. U.P.

    Sir i want to know about my career and foreign settlement
    which career is suitable for me. as i am looking job in Software Engineering, is it suitable for me or not?

    Some astrologer told me that there is yoga or love marriage in my kundli, is it true? if yes then when i will get marry.


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    Navneet Khanna

    There is certainly a foreign connection in your horoscope. Exalted Mercury in the 12th house which is foreign country conjoined with Mars. Certainly you will go overseas for projects and can also live there temporarily. Software lines suits you very well but still you need to sharpen your skills more and eventually grow up in the corporate ladder. There is love romance relationship in your horoscope but love marriage seems difficult. You will be more comfortable in arrange marriage only. Marriage seems likely around the 27th year of Birth.

    Read Yogas for Foreign Travel In the Horoscope – It is a new articles I just posted today.

    Yogas for Foreign Travel in the Horoscope


    Navneet Khanna

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    Sir, in my horoscope SUN is the lord of 11th house(income house) and debilitated in 1st house(lagna). what it means? is it not good for me in financial prospects because lord of income house is debilitated in lagna?

    And what about mutual aspects between mars and Saturn, Saturn and Jupiter

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    Hereunder I am giving below the planetary dispositions.

    Planet Strength Good % Bad% Nature

    Sun 94.72 13.60 62.46 Malefic
    Moon 5.19 83.42 12.77 Benefic
    Mars 54.35 10.90 89.10 Malefic
    Mercury 7.80 60.77 3.03 Benefic
    Jupiter 1.66 75.27 14.94 Benefic
    Venus 0.02 40.10 49.13 Malefic
    Saturn 13.60 53.53 40.19 Benefic
    Rahu 88.89 53.53 40.19 Benefic
    Kethu 88.89 13.60 62.46 Malefic

    Net 39.46

    Obviously with a weak Mercury, you might not be quite successful in the software profession for which you need to be having a strong Mercury.

    Long distance travel will not bring you much benefit though it is present in your charts with rather fruitless outcome. So I do suggest to take up a career in a place familiar to you in your general neighbourhood.

    Read my article “Scientific Evaluation of a Horoscope” on this website or on to get a better insight into astrology.

    Your current Rahu mahadasa is rather potent till about 2020.

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    What should i do to remove obstacles in career path for getting higher success?

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