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career and marraige

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    Name :Arun
    DOB:2nd april 1984
    Time :11.45 am

    Please throw some light on me by giving predictions i request you to please kindly predict my horoscope.

    please kindly help me by predictions i dont have money to pay u please sir. I finished my engineering electrical graduation in 2005,i got job in march 2006 from that time onwards i am suffering a lot regarding my career and i changed nearly 5 organization but my thing not got stabilized. Please help me by prediction.

    1.Whether i will get government job or i will work in abroad please tell me sir whether any one of these will materialize to me.

    2.please tell about my marriage(wife status or divorce in my horoscope) As your see sir in my horoscope Saturn placed in 5h house and aspects 7th house guru please tell me whether possibility of inter caste marriage for me.

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    Navneet Khanna

    Your Lagan lord is Gemini which is ruled by Mercury, therefore you are a person who will seek immediate results in your life. Stability of mind will never be there because by nature you are always changing. Sun is in the 10th house which is where it is strong , therefore you will have a good career. Moon is the 2nd house lord which is the house of finance. Moon is combust in the 10th house as it is close to the Sun. Therefore you will not get money accordingly to your work ever. Therefore leading you unsatisfied professionally. Saturn is exalted in the 5th house and aspects the 7th house which is the house of marriage. Jupiter rules the 7th house and Jupiter is posited in the 7th house itself. Late marriage is indicated as per your birth chart. Chances of intercaste marriage is not strong.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Sir thank you for your kind reply can u please tell me when my career will get stabilized i have to work either in government or job in abroad whether any one of these will materialize to me sir.please tell me sir

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    Dear Sir

    Pls Pls Help Me?

    When will I Get Married?

    Dob – 18-12-1983
    Time – 05.01 PM
    Place – Borivali (Mumbai)

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    Dear sir,

    Sorry to disturb you sir
    1.can you please tell me whether i will get government or job in abroad whether any one of these two will materialize to me.
    2.When u r seeing me getting married sir.

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    Yogesh Aggarwal

    Dear Viral,
    Looking into your birth chart, it is observed that you are having good time as regards your marriage prospectus. As per Jaimni Astrology, it is felt that your marriage should take place by 17th June 2015. I would suggest you two remedies.
    1. Distribute ‘Parshad’ every Tuesday in the evening.
    2. Offer desi ghee halwa, any quantity, to poor people on Wednesday or Saturday as convenient to you, at least 7 times.

    All good wishes.
    Yogesh Aggarwal

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    kaldesh gupta

    Please help me with 2 questions:
    September 7, 1982 – BOD
    11:26 AM, Pacific Standard Time (PST)
    Santa Clara, CA , 1 DST

    1 – When will I be married? and what will she be like?
    2 – When Will I get a good job? – when will it stabilize?


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    Dear NAvaneeth sir,

    Please reply to my blog other people are posting in my thread thats y i posted sepertely u r not replying please help sir .
    NAme :Arun
    DOB:2nd april 1984
    Time:11.45 am

    As i told earlier i struggling a lot in my interest is i have to work in good position in government job or i have to work in abroad and settle there whether any one of these will materialize if yes when u r seeing that secondly can u please tell when i will get married and my wife description

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    Hi Sir,

    DOB 7 June1987
    Place Anjangaon Amaravati
    Time 7:30 am

    Its with great pain I am writing this to you.I am suffering and suffering alot, dont see this getting end. I took education loan from SBI for my masters studeis, I went to London and finished my masters from there. After i finished my course, I immediately got an internship for 6 month, but after that its been 4 years i am not getting a single job. Like a dog i am working hard day & night I apply for job and do studies to clear bank exams. Interviews goes really well but no selection same for banks exam. All my friends one by one got married and I have been diagonised with the last stage of hypothyriodism. Please guide when will I get job and marry?

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    Navneet Khanna

    Please post your Questions in Separate Forum Post as everyone is posting in one place and it is creating lot of confusion.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Dear Navaneeth sir,

    Name :Arun
    DOB:2nd april 1984
    Time :11.45 am

    Please reply to my query sir as many of them posting in my thread thats y i am not getting any reply please sir kindly tell me

    1.As i told you earlier i am struggling a lot in my career my intrest is i have to work in good position in government sector or i have to work and settle in abroad whether any one of these will materialize to me if yes when u r seeing this.
    2.Kindly tell about my married life when it will happen and description and status of wife please reply sir my humble request to you sir.

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