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Career and reputation

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    I wonder if someone can analyse the situation
    Dob 07121966, time 1145 (AM) Place NAGPUR, India

    Intelligent married challenging career path
    Huge risks to career in 2005, unexpected failures in exams 2007-2008
    opposition at job 2009
    In a steady job since end 2009 but far away from marital home
    Opposition from very highly placed individuals
    Survived an attempt to be made jobless in 2013, great support from my senior line manager and the supervising organisation committee and totally cleared me.
    One colleague who is univrersally disliked by all and due to retire in March 2015 has now started a huge gossip that I was indeed guilty of the charges I have learn this just now and I wonder in a small community of specialist field how it will affect my life and career. He is also using a junior colleague to file complaints.

    I intend to speak with the supervising body again, but when will I see a happy side to my career
    Will I get fed up and leave?

    I really appreciate your help

    Many thanks

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    Just wish to clarify it is 7th December 1966

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    Dear Nuraja,

    You have a wonderful horoscope and nobody can do anything detrimental to you and from 2015 March onwards you will assume more responsibilities and power. Meanwhile please control your temper since your short-temperedness is causing you most of your trouble. Suggest you come for a scientific evaluation of your horoscope after reading my blog for full details.

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    Shri TMR

    Many thanks for your word of reassurance
    My forthrightness and impatience at inefficiency is what I really need to curb I feel.
    I will look up the link you have provided



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