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career astrology horoscope

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    Iam working in a pvt company. Iam a chartered accountant. I would like to know my present time period whether there will be any job change , or an abroad assignment. My sukra dasa has started from June 22016. .i have moved to anewly built house in may end. What impact will the sukra dasa have on my career prospects

    Dob 28/11/1970 time is 5.55 am place is chennai

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    Hello Mr Srinivasan

    after studieying ur chart i have following to say..

    Current planetary dasa, venus MD and venus AD till mid 2019 can give chance of freign sukra is natal 12th house, in namvasamits in airy sign aquarious and 6th houses connected with day to day job, in dasamsa its in 7th house of and meena raasi along with rahu…

    So dasa of sukra should give foregn tours, I feel next year you fair chance. First 4 months of 2017, again rahu and Jupiter periods starting from June 2107 till mid 2018. Once rahu and ketu change raasis and in trasit they will come to 9th house too you may have chance to go abroad, including changes in Job.
    Saturn once it starts transiting in ketu star …I feel around Feb march 2017 you can look for some positive job change

    Your second part of 7and ½ sani period is entering into last phase..and Saturn changing its raasi in jan end 2017..should see some changes in money front. Saturn in transit also aspects natal mother health too must be taken care of.

    Since Saturn was in scorpio till now and aspecting natal 9th house were exp more or less an ok period professin wise….

    Sun transit in ashtavarga has less point for one month starting from dec 15th so you can expect some clashes with collegues at office.


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    Dear satish sir,

    Thank you for your prompt analysis and reply.

    We have plans for visiting foreign country as a family tour between march and June 2017. If that happens will the performance of Venus planet dasa/ bhukthi finish the role play . I mean still will it work in my job aspect of giving foreign tours or abroad job change? Please clarify.again will my family accompany me if I get a foreign assignment job or will the Saturn play the role of parting from my family.?

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      Dear Mr Srinivasan

      you also have official overseas tours in your birth chart. If your working for foriegn MNC like BPO you will have ample opprotunties to work Onsite at client locations. during later part of 2016 and mid 2018


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