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Career Confusion

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    Hello Sir,

    I wanted to seek your guidance on considering Psychology as a prospective career option, considering the fact that I am in class 12 and on the progressing on the path to become an Engineer, but Math is not a subject I am really keen on studying.
    I have a knack for helping people in distress, considering the emotional turmoil I myself undergo whilst struggling with an unstable and abusive household and clinging on to the edge of failure in the 12th Board Exam , currently progressing.
    Would you suggest pursuing Psychology as beneficial and fruitful career?
    I am dire need of help Sir. Kindly consider my request and guide me.

    D.O.B: 31/08/2001
    T.O.B: 2PM (approx)
    P.O.B: Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    k.umamaheswara rao

    You are only 18yrs old.
    Continue your studies seriously.
    Psychology is a difficult subject and
    not so remunerative.
    You can better choose any engineering
    If you are a high merit student,
    you can choose Medicine.

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    Thanks a lot Sir!
    As I mentioned above, I am mentally very disturbed therefore haven’t been performing very well in the board exams and I think I might even fail Math. Will this situation get any better, will I be able to see significant improvement in the coming days regarding my emotional turmoil and improvement in studies?
    I am considering redoing my 12th as private candidate if I fail a subject, which means dropping a year. I would appreciate an insight into my miserable state any any remedies associated with it.

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