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    Abhirup Mandal

    Name: Abhirup Mandal
    Time of Birth: 11:18AM
    Date of Birth: 9/12/1996
    Place of Birth: Kolkata,India

    I want to know about my career possibilities,am currently in a very dark place about career and the question is:
    Will my career take place?
    Also,if you see my birth chart Saturn+ketu is in 2nd house in the sign of Pieces,what is the meaning of this combination?Its rare and I couldn’t find any helpful infos about this.

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    Your career house, house of gains and the 12th house indicating wasteful expenditure have poor strength and you may not have a good career and may not have any job satisfaction in whatever you do with little returns for the amount of work done. Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are powerless in the horoscope and Rahu inherits the properties of Mercury and Kethu that of Jupiter. Sun, Moon and Mars have a malefic tendency and will not be able to give good results. So you forget about your horoscope and do not hope to have any benefits from the astrological side. You will have to try on your own and endure the results of your deeds as it happens.

    However you will have no indebtedness, or enemies or any major diseases in your life and you can capitalise on those benefits. Join the armed forces, defense services or something similar like Fireforce which are suitable for your nature.

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    Career part is going to be normal, average this year. You will not be having many things to worry about. You will not be doing many great things. You may develop disliking for your current job and may start looking for another one. Change of work stream is also a possibility. You will be having more negative trends than positive ones in your career. You will become known person in your circle but most of you will be known for your arrogant attitude and not for cooperative one.

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS Rao

    Ketu conjuncion with Saturn:
    The conjunction is in lagna bhava in 2nd sign Pisces. No planet is in 2nd house. In both Ketu is powerful to give the results of Saturn (1st house and 12th house) and as a significator of Jupiter in 11th (being a Node). Mercutry (lord of 5th and 8th houses) is in 10th house.
    It seems you will not get satisfaction in the desired job even you get with a fat salary. The expenditure would be more and impulsive on account of your friends. You may be inclined in love and other activities. You are advised to be cautious in your personal life. Please take care of your ancestral property.
    If you want further come into paid analysis of Mr.TMR or Mr.Navneet Khanna, they will guide you.

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