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Career guidance please

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    I have finished my engineering graduation in civil engineering, my father is telling me to pursue MS in US, but my grades are really poor and it is unlikely that I would get into good university, I am thinking about pursuing civil service exam but my parents are not supporting that,I am really confused, please guide me which is the right career for me even if it is not known to me, also tell me will I be staying in India or will I be going abroad if yes when
    Thank you

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    You will have frequent long distance travels in the course of your employment. Your success factor in life is 40% and you will therefore be in some sort of travelling type of job in which field you will be reasonably good though you may get fed up with such jobs soon. You will get a return of 45%. Read my blog to have a good insight into scientific evaluation of a horoscope.
    Have a look at the strength and nature of your planets.
    Planet Net Strength Nature

    Sun 21.29 Malefic
    Moon 98.21 Benefic
    Mars 34.02 Malefic
    Mercury 66.76 Benefic
    Jupiter 11.69 Malefic
    Venus 86.60 Malefic
    Saturn 8.30 Benefic
    Rahu 48.54 Malefic
    Kethu 42.98 Malefic

    Net 46.46 Malefic

    Perhaps you could be a deck engineer in Merchant navy ships.

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    you are under Rahu Mahadasha from 19/8/2013 and Rahu-Jup period (1/5/2016 to 24/9/2018) and Rahu-Saturn period (24/9/2018 to 31/7/2021) are not good for acing competitive exam such as civil services at all (Saturn would be worse).

    Rahu is in 3rd house in Chalit shows local/short travels but foreign settlement is unlikely given Rahu is in nakshatra of Mars and has Venus as sublord (Venus being lord of 4th house/nativeland).

    Engineering would be best for you as Rahu, Mars and Ketu are strong for you (Moon in 10th house in Chalit and Sun aspecting 10th house shows inclication to govt job). Below periods will be good if you still want to give IAS a short before age of 30
    * Rahu-Mer (31/7/2021 to 18/2/2024) is moderate: year 2022 will be good
    * Rah-Ket (18/2/2024 to 7/3/2025) would be very good

    Period from 18/2/2024 to 19/8/2031 will be good and overall you can be a good administrator!

    God Bless,
    Astrologer Deepak

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