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Career, Job, MBA ?

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    Abhijit Das

    Hello respected astrologers,

    My details are as follows:
    Name – Abhijit Das
    D.O.B – 25th march, 1986
    Time of Birth – 12:05 pm (afternoon)
    Place of Birth – New Delhi
    Current Location – Kolkata

    My Background
    I have worked as a software engineer for 3.5 years which i had to leave in 2011 due to company policies like benching. I could not get any other IT job hence opted to do my MBA from 2013. Right now i am in the middle of my MBA. but finding difficulty in getting jobs from campus. I am getting frustrated.

    I have some queries. Please respond . I have been in lot of despair for the past 3 years.
    1> Will i get a high paying job within January 2015 in IT sector or a sector of my choice ?
    2> Will I have overseas travel opportunity with regards to job within 2-3 years ?
    3>I am wearing Yellow Pokhraj, Gomed, Ruby and Emerald. are these stones correct for me? Is Shani dasha there on me and is it malefic ?

    Please answer my queries. I am in a lot of mental pressure and trauma.

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    Yes, you will get a job of your liking by the end of 2015 and it will fetch you 35% more remuneration than what you actually deserve. So that sounds good.

    Yes you will have many long distance travels in your life most of which will be unproductive.

    Saturn in your horoscope is highly potent and will be very good for you helping you throughout.

    Read my blog for better insight into astrology.

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    Saurabh Sharma

    Thanks sir for resolving my query regarding markesh dasha,I also want to know about my career as at present I m very much depressed due to my career.

    My details are as follows:
    Name – Saurabh sharma
    D.O.B – 24 September 1980
    Time of Birth – 19:55 pm
    Place of Birth – Bareilly(Uttar Pradesh)

    I have done MBA and was working as Sales professional, but last year(Oct13) due to some unwanted situation I left the job since then I m trying a lot for job but not getting any job as per my experience and package,I have 8 yrs of experience also.
    I have some queries. Please respond . I have been in lot of despair for the past 1.6 years.
    1> when Will i get a job ?
    2>what is the future aspects for me in terms of money,career,mental peace?
    3>Also from next month onwards shukra mahadasha is coming in my life, what is the impact of the mahadahsa on me(benefic or malefic)?
    4>If shukra mahadasha is benefic what type of benefits I will get during this mahadasha?
    3>I am wearing Pukhraj and moti. are these stones correct for me or do I need to wear anything else also?

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    Astrology can only evaluate your horoscope and give you certain indications. Venus period is good for you and let us wait and see what happens then. Astrology is not intended for predicting the impossible. Please read through all my articles and you will understand what is possible and remedies are no use.

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