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Career life

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    Hi ,
    Dob: 25 August 1986
    Dot : 7:35am
    Location:Latitude: 015:24:N / Longitude: 073:50:E

    Please assist me on career life . Will I have any administration role , there are frequently change in job after 1 year.
    I have plan for opening education class n run my own business.

    Thank you

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    Navneet sir can please guide me.

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    Om Sri Gurave namaha

    You lagan is fiery raasi simha and sun lagan lord is occupying lagan thats good indications.Sun in ketu star can also give alternative occupations. Relating to communications.
    Saturn dasa till 2020 march will bring stability in your career.
    Moon too is powerful .
    Jupiter a dual planet and retrograde occupying 7th house gives dual mindset as far as interactions wit people and consequent dristhi on lagan a nd lagan lord.
    In navamsa lagan lord mars occupies labha house but with enemy saturn. And ketu.
    In dasamsa too Guru, sun and saturn occupy 7th house..venus the 2nd lord occupies the 10.
    As Guru occupies 7 and saturn aspects 4th house… there is possibility of setting up an educational instutuion.
    Moon and mercury together in 9th house of hugher thinking or mentoring.
    Mercury , ketu and venus can give employments before nov 16th , 2017,
    10th lord venus in star of mars and mars connected with 10th house and hence chance for good job
    Stability will be matter of concern as people with retro Jupiter are very ambitious. So one must learn to be contended .
    Rahu in watery sign and its star lord mercury present on 12 house also explains why you keep changing jobs.
    Its recommended that you should learn to become stable in life.
    As Guru in own star and ketu and connected with houses 2 , 7 and 11.. there is also possibility of own business set up in future

    More details

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    Thank you sir ,
    Currently I got offer for job but it’s far and travelling is my concern .
    And constantly feeling I need to start taking education classes . Not clear and mind is to get stable mind and decide what is best . Do I change my behavior and do some charity?

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      hi shruthi

      The best remedy for changing thoughts is to set the mind only on and thing at a times and practice simple breathing excercises to bring one pointed focus in life.

      the best remedy to reduce selfishness or ego is to do charity… self confidence and dignity are good but not ego…ego boosts superiority complex.

      as explained in email coming years will bring more opportunities for you , but meanwhile try to bring one pointed focus in life.

      best of luck


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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS Rao

    I have cast your chart for 25-08-1986 7.35 AM. I have verified twice, thrice and found out that You are under Moon dasa and Saturn bhukti upto 28-09-2018.

    After 27-12-2017 you have to go for job and earn. After 28-09-2018 the coming bhuktis are good for you.

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    Thank you very much Satish sir.
    Thank you jvs Rao sir.

    Much appreciated for the guidance .
    This forum is really great place for many problems to get solutions and strength to face. Some just a ray of hope needed to start and it works.

    And last thanks to boost all the will power within us.
    God bless you people for doing such great work. Jai guru Dev Datta namaha

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS Rao

    You have to thank Mr. Navneet Khanna Jee for giving a chance to all of us. The last word “JAI GURU DEVA DATTA NAMAH” is enough. You chant this so many times which gives you solace.

    You pray God to give long life and prosperity to Mr. Navneet Khanna Jee and (senior respectable) astrologers for helping people like you.

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      Yes sir, a big thank you and well wishes n long live Mr. Navneet Khanna .
      My thank you infont you’ll great people is very small.
      I will start helping people for no reason and without any selfish greed. Let start good work.
      All your work towards humanity is appreciated.
      Jai Guru deva namaha

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    I want to go usa through edv is i am lucky for that Please tell me

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS Rao

    Hello Sita
    Without date of birth, time of birth and place of birth an astrologer can not predict the ideas in your mind. Provide them.
    But as per tatkal lagna you will go abroad in between Feb 2018 and May 2018.
    For further enquiries come to paid analysis with all details.

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