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career / marriage

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    Dear sir. Please analyse my chart with respect to career/ marriage. 1)How is my career chart and what career line suits me.2)What is the good period for marriage and if possible please give details of spouse.
    Dob-25th march 1985, Tob- 10:02 am , Pob- New Delhi, gender-male
    would appreciate your reply.


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    Your career house has a slightly below average strength. Therefore your job satisfaction will be less. To say what line suits you, you must give your expertise of the fields in which you are interested.

    Your marital house is pretty strong. There are good chances of marriage in Sept 2014 to April 2015 period. The spouse will give you strong support in life.

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    Dear TMR sir i have a commerce background .My interest lies in business/job related to consumer electronics/technology industry or food industry.Kindly give your views .Thanks

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    Dear TMR sir. Thanks a lot for replying. Sir i already have a running family business but i would like to diversify our business into other fields as well in the future. Thats why i asked about consumer electronics/technology as it interests me. I have consulted other astrologers they said your chart is good for business. One astro even said that rahu is in your 12th house which represents electronics, security, other astros said i can get into fashion, interior designing, real estate or anything related to women items.

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    The 9th and 10th house, the house of luck and the career house are the weakest in your horoscope as compared to other houses. You have an overall net strength of 73.99% for the horoscope which is quite good. But Business as your career is not what you would shine at. Interior designing, beauty parlours etc. which provide others happiness will be good for you. But not real estate since it is a speculative business which is not so good as a career for you again due to weak 9th and 10th houses. Video game parlours, providing and maintenance of Electronic Security systems will also be good for you.

    In short investing money and gaining a respectable return from them is not well indicated in your horoscope. And you will not get Job Satisfaction in such a selling for profit type of career. Rahu is a malefic in your horoscope.

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    Thanks a lot sir for your reply.

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    You do not have much choice except Commerce and that too since your career house is not potent enough, business etc. are not likely to be good for you. Perhaps you could try for a job where you just carry out assignments given to you like a clerical job or an audit assistant where decision making will be limited.

    Perhaps you should read my articles on this site and at which might give you some more insight into what astrology can do for you and what not?

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