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Career of Husband

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    Rosalind Gomes

    My husband’s DOB is 3 November, 1958
    TOB: 6:00 am
    POB: Calcutta, India

    He is going through a very bad phase regarding his career and earnings. His confidence is getting eroded and he is unable to understand what to do. He wants to do some business but is unsure what to do. He works in a private company earning a very meager salary but works at least 9-10 hours per day.
    Can you provide a solution for this situation? Should he start a business or should he continue in a job. He has applied for his US citizenship which he will get by the end of this year.
    Thanks so much.

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    Where is he now working. In US or India?

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    Rosalind Gomes

    He is working in USA and we have been living here for the last 5 years.

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    What sort of business he is contemplating? This information is also required to evaluate whether he can do a successful business. In his horoscope Sun, Saturn, Mars and Mercury are totally powerless and that could be the reason for his not doing well in career and consequent financial weakness. If at all you plan to do a business, it should be spearheaded by you if you have a good career house in your horoscope. For that you should know the Date and time of birth fairly accurate.

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    Rosalind Gomes

    My DOB is April 5 1971 at Howrah in West Bengal at 2:15am. He was thinking of opening a bakery but I am a little scared of him taking a risk. Would you be able to suggest any business for him? I work in finance and am also completing a degree in Interior Desiging in the next 6 months to start a side-business in consultation.
    Thank you so much.

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    Perhaps he can teach his field of expertise to students and those who need such knowledge. In any type of business, he is very unlikely to succeed since income will be less than the expenditure. Read my blog if interested in a detailed scientific evaluation.

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