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Career related query

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    Aditi Puri

    My details are: date of birth : October 4, 1974, time: 13:40 hrs
    Place of birth: Meerut UP india
    I have been in current job since sept 2009 and now trying to change but nothing is materialising. When is there a job change in the near future?
    Thank you

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    I do not think by changing job your problems will be solved. You have a weak 2nd, 5th and 12th house and that is what is causing all the concern. You have to be frugal in your expenditure, avoid wasteful speculations and then you will be contented in life. Your career house and the returns therefrom are strong enough in the horoscope. Read my blog for more clarifications on the weak houses.

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    Aditi Puri

    Thank you sir so even if I keep trying there is little hope of getting another job so when are the stars going yo be favourable … After Rahu mahadasha in 2023 or is there any good period in the near future … Actual things are very difficult now and the organisation I am working with now might shrink significantly in the near future so thus was looking for more stability and growth as I do not see any growth here now. Thank you regards

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    To get a new suitable job or a career change, it takes only just a week or so if God so desires. When you have good times, automatically things will change in such a way that you are presented with suitable opportunities. Trust in God and He will look after you.

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    Im working as a office assistant on contract basis. Some days im facing so much prob in the office. I think i loose my job. Pls tell how will be my career. How my life would be . prashant 24/12/1986 3:25 Am delhi

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