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    Hi Sir,

    Please tell how is my future on Career & finance

    DOB 8th September 1982
    Place Vijayawada (AP)
    Time 15:45

    Thank you

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    Navneet Khanna


    your horoscope has couple of good yogas such as
    * Placement of 4th and 11th lord Mars in 10th house along with Jupiter (though Jupiter is 12th house lord it will predominantly results of 3rd house and placement of 3rd house lord is good in 10th)
    * Saturn Mercury conjunction in 9th house is great and will pull you up.

    Problems arise because

    * 5th and 10th lord Venus (most benefic planet for you) is in 8th house with Sun (8th house lord). But it also promises sharp mind for research or investigative work while showing losses from speculation.

    * You are under Rahu mahadasha from 12/4/2012. Although Rahu in 6th house is considered great for success & destruction of enemies your Rahu has Sun as its sublord which is sitting in 8th house and hence it will give you troubles off & on (ups/downs) till 2030.

    Good times
    * Rahu-Saturn (19/5/2017-25/3/2020): Saturn is placed in nakshatra of yogakaraka Mars. Also Saturn as lagnest will give good results if you put in effort (no easy gains)
    * Rahu-Ketu (12/10/2022 to 31/10/2023): Ketu placed in star of Venus and having Mars as sublord will be great
    * Rahu-Moon (24/9/2027 to 25/3/2029): will be good time as Moon is placed in star of Venus and has Saturn as its sublord
    * Rahu-Mars (25/3/2029 to 12/4/2030): should be a good period for career as well

    Chanting Rahu Beej mantra and wearing red coral &/or blue sapphire will help tremendously.

    Saturn the most benefic planet of your horoscope will not help until you put tremendous hardwork. Asking same question on astrology website again and again won;t help (TMR had answered your query on July 21 as well)

    God Bless,
    Astrologer Deepak

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    Thank you Sir,

    TMR has told me read his blog but hasn’t suggested any horoscope details 🙂

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