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Changes in trend

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    The last 2 yeaeprs have been very tough but losing close family.0, ill health of loved ones, job frustration, stress and depression
    I am wondering when this trend will change and if in the immediate future there are any chances of marriage, relocation or professional success.
    Dob – 20.04.1978
    Time – 10.30
    City – Aurangabad, Maharashtra
    Thank you

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    Navneet Khanna

    The period since April 2014 has been disturbing and see you going down in life only. Earlier Rahu Mahadasha was going and anatrdasha of Sun and now the Rahu mahadasha is going with Antardasha of Moon. I feel the remaining period of Rahu till April 2018 is not going to be any great. It can give you results like change of job etc can be there but again stability will not be there. Work pressure, colleagues and bosses would not be easy to handle. Mercury is debilitated in the 10th house which is not good, as Mercury is the planet for confidence, planning, logic, speech. It is the ability of an individual to think correctly and take right and correct decisions in life.

    Possibility of marriage is very much there, but as much as I know Gemini native that you are, they are very choosy people and in your case it is even worse as Mercury is debilitated. They have lot of negative thinking. Think positively and
    you should do remedies of Mercury, Rahu and Moon to benefit during this period.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Thank you Navneet Ji
    You are right, last couple of years have not been too great. What remedies do you suggest for Rahu, Mercury & Moon?

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