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Changing career path. Looking for advice.

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    Second part of 2012 brought me hurdles in all areas of life, but especially in education. It lasts till now but 2012-15 was the worst. After finishing high school (2012-14) I failed medical school entry exams (several attempts in 2014-16). I’ve always wanted to be a doctor and before 2012 I had been a straight-A student. Currently I’m doing a degree in philology but it doesn’t satisfy me at all. I would like to change my studies so that I can follow a career path that brings me more fulfillment.

    1. What was the reason behind that breakdown in 2012 (autumn to be exact)? When Can I expect things to start improving?

    2. I would like to take up medical school entry exams one more time in 2018. Would the chances for success be higher than in 2014-16? Would you recommend me to try pursuing a medical career?

    3. Does my chart even support becoming a doctor (especially a surgeon)?

    November 27, 1995
    Warsaw, Poland (52°13′N 21°E)
    6:05 AM

    Thank you in advance for any help

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    The strength and nature of your planets are given below. You should not take up the profession of a doctor, a teacher in philology will be a better job. Trying to be a surgeon will be disastrous. Still if you want to become one, try to be a veterinary surgeon so that human beings will be spared. Are you sure of your time of birth?

    Planet Net Strength Nature

    Sun 7.98 Malefic
    Moon 15.93 Malefic
    Mars 52.42 Malefic
    Mercury 5.54 Malefic
    Jupiter 83.89 Malefic
    Venus 43.96 Malefic
    Saturn 84.84 Benefic
    Rahu 71.18 Malefic
    Kethu 51.09 Malefic

    Net 47.17 Malefic

    For more details read my blog

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    Yes, the birth time is accurate. I’m a little bit confused now. It makes me wonder why I’ve always been so strongly drawn to medicine even though apparently I’m not suitable for this path.

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    Many during adolescence have such attractions which they may not pursue when they grow up and mature. Even I wanted to be an Actor for which I am most unsuitable which I recognized only after I got employed.

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