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Concern for future

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    Have benn going through instability in family life with wife over 20 years .Have been unfaithful in the pst hence problems with her. Wrong investments money is blocked not able to enjoy my savings.Worked abroad for over 40 years professionally very hard working Held high positions over 25 years but last8 yeas instability in job Currently unemployed for last 6 months have good health and hence don’t want to retire .Have 2 children boy 33 years unmarried and girl 27 engaged I want your advise to know the future of my family life and when will my professional and financial problems get solved. Is it safe for me to start a business should I move back to India or remain abroad

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    I would suggest you stay abroad as starting a business in India is not a feasible proposition now with the uncertainty in the business world prevailing now. May be after two or three years India will have a clear picture of how businesses will flourish or not and then perhaps you can decide to come back if you so wish. Astrology cannot help you much without your time of birth.

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    Thanks for your reply
    Sorry forgot to include the time
    My time of birth is 11:30 am

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    Your horoscope is having some problems with respect to your 4th and 12th house. What they signify is given in detail in my blog which is the reason why you are having no family happiness despite having good bank balance and good earnings in life. Hopefully you will be better off once your Saturn period starts in 2020 due to Venus being in association with Saturn with Saturn being in exaltation. Perhaps you can come through a Paid consultation after reading my blog articles in detail and you could have an online chat with me. If you have your wife’s birth details that will also help.

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    Thanks for the response

    my wife’s birth details

    08:30 a.m

    i will read the blog as advised by you .Kindly let me know how to get a paid consultation

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