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confusion: radical difference between main chart, chalit chart and KP chart

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    Vishal Raj

    Hi everybody,
    It’s my first time that I am visiting this forum. I hope it works. My birth details are 31/07/1980, 05:15 hrs in Panipat, Haryana (India). While I try to read my own chart with whatever limited knowledge I have on astrology, I realize that most of the planets have moved from their places in the “Chalit” chart. Furthermore, KP system gives even further differences in my birth chart and increases the confusion. I want to understand that in such a scenario, is there any “Yoga” or “Combination of the planets” in my chart which still works for me? I wish to understand not only for my knowledge in the astrology but also for a finer understanding of what my future beholds for me in terms of profession, wealth and fame.
    Can anybody out there share his/her honest feedback & reading with me? I would be really obliged.
    Thanks in advance

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    Kindly read my articles on my blog and you will get answers to your questions.

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    Vishal Raj

    As advised, I just read your blog. I appreciate what you say and write there, infact a few points like “Death is pleasant” was a beautiful thought.
    So, with due respect, while you have some profound thoughts, I also am increasingly confused. That too might be a good thing as it is said that “perplexity is the start of wisdom”. Without getting into detail on what has led to my confusion, I request if you can have a look on my chart and help me in understanding if there is any strong planetary combination which would help me have some real upswing in my profession or not? If yes, then what time it seems to be? Just for information, even after almost 12 years in my profession, I still don’t feel a sense of belongingness and it adds to the frustration.
    The point is that some subtle idea of an upcoming good time, helps one put the efforts with a rejuvenated strength and likewise, a hint of a tough future helps prepare for the storm.
    I have been exploring my inner self for quite some time but the confusion still prevails and thus I seek for a word of wisdom. Hope you could help me.

    Many Regards

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    You are welcome to come through paid services for a scientific evaluation of your horoscope. Use the link

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    Vishal Raj

    Thanks for the reply Sir.
    I wish, I were able to spend that money. Doesn’t matter, I understand the pressure.
    Thanks again for your kindness though.

    Many Regards

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    Navneet Khanna

    Hi Vishal,

    I feel you are getting confused because you are trying to find similarity between the these different schools of Astrology, which does not exist. The regular astrology that we get to hear in North India is Prashiri astrology and is placed upon placement of planets. KP Astrology or KrishnaMurthi Paddhati is stellar based astrology and it is totally based upon Nakshatras. They follow different Ayanamsha. As in north India we follow ayanamsha by NC Lahiri, while KP Astrology has their own Ayanamsha. So in short you don’t mix Tea and Coffee as you will only get a weird taste in your mouth 🙂

    Just stick to one and don’t get confused. Regarding the Chalit chart if your planets are in the cusp, then you may have a look at the Chalit chart to confirm its position.


    Navneet Khanna

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