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dasa effect

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    Rahu and venus both are in 12th house in libra.
    Rahu in visakha nakhatra(lord jupiter in scorpio) pada1.
    Venus in swati nakshatra pada1.
    In this condition what happens when one undergoes rahu mahadasa venus antardasa?
    Note-saturn in 4th house,ketu in 6th,sun,mer,jup conjunct in 1st,mars in 10th,moon in 11th.

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    Give your birth details if you want an answer to your question.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswaara rao

    Good points–(but spoiled due to Sani)
    1.Guru is in lagna is very good for Vrishchika lagna,if he is
    not combust.But Guru is seen by Sani.So,lagna is spoiled and Guru
    is also spoiled.
    2.Kuja in 10th is excellent.But Kuja is also seen by Sani.
    Your Rahu dasa will be bad.
    YOu have to do penance for 2 years to reduce the evil of Rahu
    and Sani.

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