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Debilitated & Retrograde Jupiter

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    Jennifer Lam

    Namaste Jyotish Gurujis,

    I have debilitated and retrograde Jupiter in my Rashi chart. In my Navamsa, Jupiter is in 7th house of Pisces. Is it neecha bhanga? Does it confers good or bad qualities of spiritual growth? Jupiter is husband in woman’s chart, what kind of husband will I have? I have not yet marry. I met many men interested to have a serious relationship with me, they choose me, I don’t really choose them but went into relationship with them but was very disappointing. (Eg. Gambler, Spender, take drugs)
    Now although I’m of age, still have guys interested and I want to select carefully, please advise, thank you.

    My Birth Details:
    Birthday: 28 Sept 1973
    Time: 4:55 A.M.
    City/ Country: Singapore


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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    k.umamaheswara rao

    You got long experience with the men you made friendship.
    Avoid past mistakes and you can choose a man without bad
    habits.You can take the assistance of detectives to know
    whether a particular person has got bad habits.
    You can help other girls in selecting good husbands,with
    your experience.

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