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Deepak sir job

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    I am working in a private school..but there is very difficulty happen with me…plz tell me when it will be ok??or when will I get government job???

    Tama Mukherjee..female..25/12/1990..time..6:10 p.m…place..Magra,west bengal

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    Navneet Khanna


    your horoscope is pretty decent and few things to ponder wrt career from what I can see
    * Teaching is good for you as Jupiter is lord of 10th house (profession) aspecting 10th house as well. Jupiter being exalted is retrograde and conjunct Ketu becomes less strong but will keep things moving
    * Moon in 10th house can help you get a govt job
    * Saturn in 8th house is aspecting 10th house and will keep giving ups/downs
    * Given mercury as lagna lord in 7th with Venus and Sun, being simple/humble/honest in dealing with others will avoid issues

    From 29/10/2017, you will start Venus Mahadasha for 20 years that will go much better OVERALL as Venus is yogakaraka planet planet for you. As Venus is placed in its own star, has Saturn as sublord placed in 8th house and Venus is placed in 6th house in Chalit it will give you some some troubles especially during Ven-Ven (20/10/2017 to 19/2/2021) and Ven-Sun (19/2/2021 to 19/2/2022) on professional front.

    Ven-Sun from 19/2/2021 can offer opportunities of a government job but Ven-Moon period will be better for this as Moon is placed in 10th house (19/2/2022 to 21/10/2023).

    Your 9th lord Saturn is in 8th house, so harder you work luckier you get
    Astrologer Deepak

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