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does he want sth more from me?

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    i was born 21.03.1990 in Lodz, Poland on 12:10 pm
    he was born 10.09.1989 in Lodz, Poland.
    There has been/is a tension between us since a couple of months. He is kind of a bad boy but intelligent, has his own company, a lot of friends.
    He was attracted to me and i started to like him. So we had an intimate encounter and after that weird things have been happening. Like he would care of me like a boyfriend and next days he would ignore me, woulnt talk to me or wouldnt look into my eyes. I have no idea whats going on.
    I would probably sth that would happen again between us but have no idea what is his attidute to me right now.

    Question asked in Lodz. 12.42 pm 14.08.2015

    Thanks for the answer.

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    You have a reasonably good 55% happiness in your marital life. Whether this boy is suitable to you or not cannot be told since you have not given his time of birth without which his horoscope can not be evaluated scientifically.

    As per your charts, you are likely to be married in early 2017.

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    But what if I put 12:00 instead of his time of birth? Sometimes it counts as well given data.
    His chart :

    My chart:

    what you mean by getting married in early 2017 o.O
    whith whom?
    no idea how to understand that. I havent expected this answer.
    but thank you for it.
    i am very looking forward for mor information if it is of course possible.. 🙂

    thank you in advance


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    Astrology is an empirical science based on date, time and place of birth. You cannot guess it according to your convenience. Please read to get a better insight into astrology.

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