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dosha in my Kundli

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    My name is Varun,

    My DOB 23/05/1988, 20:45 pm. Birth place is Bangalore.

    I am facing lot of problem financially, my all business is closing. Am not able to pay bank loan EMI also, already they are taken legal action on me and my firm. There are lot of problems in my life. I started earning in my 15year age, but till now i’m struggling a lot. Last 2months back I performed sarpadosha puja in kukke. Is there any other dosha in my Kundli? Please suggest me what puja I have to do? Please sir this is my humble request to you

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    Your horoscope is one where when you put in 10 units of work, your return is only to the extent of about 8 units of work and such a horoscope is not fit for doing business which you should have known earlier.

    You should try for a change in career where you will be paid a monthly salary rather than doing speculative business.

    After May 2014, you have a good chance of a getting an employment.

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    sir my dob 15-1-1984 and my wife pinky 09-12-1987 got married on 24-11-2010
    but after my marriage i lost job if i got job they will not give me salry i am fed up of my life feel to suciede and i have a son Ritesh 05-02-2012
    anything i will go to do the work will not happen if i go in bus for travelling there will be quarrel or the bus will be late for 2-3hours
    if i join any company whole staff salary will be held up

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    I do not think any astrologer could help you with your series of problems. Perhaps you should consult someone more superior to Astrologer to find the reasons for your extra ordinary happenings.

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