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effect of lagna sandhi kp astrology

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    sir my dob is 21 sep 1973 pob trivandrum tob 12.10pm my lagna is sagittarius 0degree 8 minutes kindly tell me will i be influvenced by energies of both scorpio and sagittarius or influvenced by only dhanu rashi?is there any lagna sandhi doshe present in my chart kindly answer.i reques answer through kpsystem of astrology

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    J V Subbarao

    As per KP system there is no sandhi of houses. The starting point is the ending point of previous house, ending point of that house is the starting point of subsequent house, which is known as cusp. In KP cusp takes the prime role in evaluation of a chart.
    So as per your statement your lagna cusp is 0 degree 8 minutes. This means it is in the star of Ketu (Moola nakshtra) and sub of Ketu. Hence your lagna sub lord is Ketu.
    Hence you will be under the influence of Ketu. The analysis goes like this.

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