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effect of retrograde lagna lord

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    in my natal chart lagna lord jupiter is retrograde in second house capricon what will be its effect on my horoscope,mars is also retrograde in fifth house aries kindlly tell me the effect of these planets in my chart?dob 21sep 1973 pob trivandrum tob 12.10pm

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    Here are the strength of planets and their nature in percentages
    Planet Net Strength Nature

    Sun 71.09 Malefic
    Moon 64.34 Benefic
    Mars 2.92 Malefic
    Mercury 15.84 Benefic
    Jupiter 27.62 Malefic
    Venus 2.63 Malefic
    Saturn 31.22 Malefic
    Rahu 21.37 Malefic
    Kethu 20.55 Benefic

    Net 28.80 Malefic

    For more details you can read my blog Navagraha Astrology Online

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS Rao

    Dear Jai
    What do you think of Retrograde planets? They will not give their results until they come into direct motion. Retrogression will have the effect in horary charts only.
    In your case Jupiter will give the result of change of job and good position, with monetary gains. Sometimes it may show you some illness.
    Mars gives you a chance for deputation to a distant place, which gives you good respect.
    The planets give the results in their periods and subperiod only

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