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Effects of a yoga

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    Can any astrologer please explain the effects of Maha bhagya yoga in a kundli from Pahaldeepika Sloka no 15.

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    Maha Bhagya Yoga or for that matter any yoga is a combination and placement of planets in a birth chart the effects of which can vary from Zero percentage to one Hundred percent strength which has to be evaluated using the appropriate algorithms available in Astrology. Any yoga present is good or bad as the case may be, but the extent to which it gives result will be dependent on the strength of the yoga itself.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    All dhana yogas take into consideration of
    second house,fifth house,ninth house and eleventh house.
    If one of these owners are in own house or in exaltation,
    mahabhagya yoga results.
    For Kataka lagna,if Sukra is exalted it can give maha bhagya
    yoga.If such a Sukra is seen by Kuja,the level of bhagya increases.

    For Vrishabha lagna or Simha lagna,if Budha is exalted,
    strong dhana yoga is formed.
    For Kumbha lagna,if Sukra is exalted big dhana yoga forms.

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