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    Dear Members,

    I have always had enemies wherever I go. Friends turn into enemies and start taking advantage of me. This is the case ever since I was in school and I still encounter such behaviors. I get manipulated and there is a lot of cold war going on. They use my inputs without giving me even a bit of credit. I usually handle such situations by being stubborn because that’s the only manner to escape manipulation. But at times situations turn gross and a group is formed by cornering me. They don’t even challenge me openly because they think I’m aggressive. But aggression is the outcome of such negative behaviors from their side. I feel used by them and have seen many open signs of jealousy from their side. Please please guide me through this.

    My details are as follows:
    DOB: 30th May 1994
    Time: 7:53 AM
    Place: Wadala, Mumbai

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    J V Subbarao

    Your birth star is Sravanam and its lord is Moon in 8th house (house of disappointments etc). At the time of your birth Moon dasa is upto 30-08-1996. Moon is in the star of Moon and sub of Ketu in 11th (fulfilment of desire, friends etc.,). Ketu is an agent of Mars – lord of (6th – house of open enmity and 11th) and in 11th and is in the star of Sun(lord of 3rd-communications) in 12th(enmity) So you have to face unnecessary tensions in that age.

    Next is Mars dasa upto 30-08-2003. As explained above Mars being in the star of Ketu signifies 6th – Open enemty.

    Next is Rahu dasa. Rahu is in the 5th house and in the star of Jupiter in 5th house but in the sub of Moon in 8th. Rahu as a node signifies Sun in 12th. Hence if you love anybody that also gives you bitterness.

    Above all your lagna sublord who decides your nature is Saturn in the star of Rahu and sub of Moon. Moon is in 8th. Saturn being a planet of silence, coolness in the star of Rahu conjoined with Jupiter(planet of magnanimity and discipline). Hence you will be aloof, likes nobleness and discipline, can not mingle freely with anybody because of your inner feelings. Your speech would be disliked by all, as if you are showing high-handedness. If you give any advice to anybody, that person would be benefited and you will lose.
    Correction : You have to understand the feelings of others and step down extending your hands with warmth and friendship. Everything would be solved.
    Good Luck

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    Sir when is it possible for me to have a trustworthy stable relationship that can be manifested into marriage? I have trust issues with people I befriend because eventually they take advantage of me and betray.

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