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Engagement broken , any possibilities of reuniting

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    The first time I had conversation with my fiancee was 2 years back when he was abroad , we liked each other but could not turn into relationship..
    he returned back to India this year and we got engaged , everything was going fine but within a month time he met with a severe accident in which he got saved with only few scratches, they got superstitious and the relation was about to break but managed the situation , later again within a month he again met with an accident and the relationship was broken by groom parents
    to which I reacted, as they didn’t replied us and said we wont give any explanations
    I contacted my other in laws and complained about it , as to why this is being done with me and broke into anger
    Now they are blaming that they might have listened to us , but because of my such behaviour they wont listen

    My questions are:
    Is there any chances of engagement to be broken in either of our horoscope?
    If not will we re-unite together?
    Whose horoscope cause those accidents, will I bring misfortune on him as they suspect ?

    The horoscopes are
    Birth date -01 may 1985
    birth time -9:20am
    place -kolkata

    Girl (mine)
    birth date – 02 feb 1986
    birth time – 9:25 pm
    place – kolkata

    Thanks in advance

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    It is totally wrong that the boy’s accidents are caused by you or your horoscope. It is the planets of his horoscope that has caused sufferings to him. He does not have a good chance of a happy matrimony either.

    But I would also say that the marital life of the girl is also poor and she should not expect a happy matrimony. I think she should concentrate on her career. Neither the horoscopes complement each other well.

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    Thankyou sir for replying to my query , but would you help me by throwing light into this thing, why is it many astrologers are advising the girl horoscope to pay attention in career rather than marriage , what is the reason behind it, which stars are affecting her 7th house

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    Please read my blog to get some insight into the scope of astrology. You will get your answers by the time you complete reading all the articles.

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