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Father in Jail for false case

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    In April 2017, a female filed a false rape case against my father. Later on we managed to get the call recordings of her asking for money from to take the case back and thot that the case would be sorted as it is a clear case of black mailing. In November 2017, my dad was arrested when he went there to give his statement. We filed a bail application on 24 November, 2017, with the order coming out today 2 December, 2017; and the application was rejected. We are in process to discuss the case with the lawyer for the bail (we have any ways incurred a huge amount of expense). Please help on what remedies can be done and when is it likely that he will be out. My mom is uncontrollable currently, and extremely depressed.

    His date of birth
    May 6, 1961
    Place – Ratangarh, India
    TOB – 1 am

    He is Capricorn ascendant and Saturn is currently transiting the 12th house….I am worried

    My chart
    23 November 1989
    Place – Gauhati, Assam
    TOB – 09.40 am

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    He has a Paasa Yoga and Sarpa Yoga and imprisonment of some nature is to be expected. But with the Police who are biased and corrupt, we cannot expect justice and women has preference in matters of such complaints, we can do nothing and seek justice from the court. Prayers to God are the only remedy.

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