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For Better Job Change

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    Francis Martin

    To: Pandit Navneet Khanna and Pandit TMR
    Re: For Better Job Change (for financial jobs)

    Namaste Pandits, I’ve been anxiously wating for your reply regarding my better job change attempts. Would you please see my message (#6302) sent on Oct 3, 2014. I re-post as belows for your reference,

    I have been struggling badly to find a financial job to change for better from my low paid restaurant night job. I lost my financial job since 2004. I have recently fumbled terribly an interview with a private brokerage company. I have been desperate to get back to the financial industry. I have been facing age discrimination in the interview processess. (I have been facing severe and unsuccessful financial job searches since 2010, I’m Very nervous and worry about my financial career since my lagna is Taurus with Capricorn Rashi)

    My personal details:
    Date of Birth:Aug 31, 1955. Time: 1.32am Kuala Lumpur Time.
    Place:Kuala Lumpur, Country: Malaysia.

    Currently I’m residing in City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Please help me.

    n/b: I am currently under MahaShani Dasa-Sun(sub-period)

    Thanks.Francis Martin

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    Navneet Khanna

    The Saturn Mahadasha started in 2004 and that is the year when you had career losses. Saturn is the yogakarka planet in your horoscope, meaning it is the wealth giving planet, unfortunately it is debilitated in the Navansha chart. Saturn also has aspect of debilitated Ketu, which makes it even worse. Doing the remedies of Saturn will help. First of all you should remember that Saturn will not give you any remarkable jumps and rise, it is the planet of labour and disrespectful work. Upmost what it will give you is rise in whatever you are doing presently , a better working condition, change of place and improvement in financial gains.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Francis Martin

    Hello Pandit Navneet Khanna:

    Thank you very much for your reply on my search for better job change. By your expert prognosis, does it mean that Saturn will crush me and destroy my repeated attempts to return to the financial industry?? You’re Absolutely correct that Saturn destroyed my financial career in 2004. Would there be any posssibility for me to at least regain an entry level financial job such as at a customer service call centre or at least a chance to return to my former financial employer in 2004?? Please kindly advise me. I’m anxiously awaiting for your expert knowledge.

    Currently I’ve been chanting mantras to MahaMaruti, Maha Shiva, Maha Kala Bhairava, Maa Durga, Maa Pratyangire Devi, MahaLakshimi, MahaSaraswati for helps in my financial job searches for a better job change. Similarly I’m also offering Navagraha mantra to appease all the grahas to regain my financial career.

    I’m looking forward to hear from you.

    Thank you very much again.
    Francis Martin

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    You are nearing 60 and it is too much to expect elevation in status, financial gain etc. in these late years. The net strength of your horoscope is only 48.87% which you might have enjoyed in your past life. Saturn has been an excellent period for you to justify your horoscope strength.

    Planet Residential Strength Good % Bad% Nature

    Sun 41.06 44.58 34.87 Benefic
    Moon 34.98 56.52 26.28 Benefic
    Mars 11.34 5.35 73.20 Malefic
    Mercury 20.26 57.32 17.51 Benefic
    Jupiter 90.32 35.35 26.89 Benefic
    Venus 38.19 4.08 62.72 Malefic
    Saturn 96.57 60.73 6.74 Benefic
    Rahu 51.92 5.35 73.20 Malefic
    Kethu 51.92 4.08 62.72 Malefic

    Net 48.51

    The Sun sub period, starting 25 Oct 2014 will be reasonably strong with 41.06% success. But Moon and the following Mars will be giving you hard times. You can read my articles on

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