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For my mother….navneet ji

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    Navneet ji my mother is not well. I asked before also. She did remedies of receiting shani mantra and rahu mantra. but no relief!!
    now another problem has come in fact. She is facing problems in her knees now,
    after X- Ray doctor has found her bones are getting weaker and some of it has reduced 🙁
    sir when will she be alright? She is having tough time..and since i know some astrology her 8th lord dasha gonna start soon, I’m scared…

    mom’s details :
    13 nov 1964
    7.07 am
    kanpur, up

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    Navneet Khanna

    You need to understand that Saturn is the planets Rog Grah, it gives diseases etc. Saturn is in the Lagan as it is transiting through Scorpio. Therefore Saturn impact on lagan is being felt and she is suffering on her health. Saturn Mahadasha is going on. Therefore along with medicines that she is taking, she needs to do the remedies of Saturn regularly. Doing the remedies of Saturn will not make her perfect but will not make her suffer worse. Some relief automatically should be there after January 2017 , when Saturn moves into Sagittarius.


    Navneet Khanna

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    sir some? what about more relief?
    Right now things have even worsen…she is having pain in her entire body!
    waiting for reports to come but its chikengunia as per the symptoms..
    when will she be absouletly alright? like she was before…super active super energetic…:( she feels sad to see her this way… 🙁

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    sir? answer pl

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    Navneet Khanna

    Like I said earlier she will not be like before, but some relief will be there. The Saturn – Rahu period till December is not good. Therefore you need to take care of her on the health front.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Things are not good on her health…
    She can barely walk and speak:( 🙁
    So much pain in the body..:( 🙁

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    Will things be even worse in Sade sati coming up and also the 8th lord dasha???
    Pls tell…:((

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