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Foreign working opportunity

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    Dear Sir

    I’m moving to Canada by the end of next month for higher studies. The course is expected to complete in 12 months.

    Will I get a good job post that?

    DOB: 23/6/1989
    tIME: 10:44 A.M.
    pLACE: Coimbatore, TN


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    We will evaluate your transitory effect of your planets at that time in a new place other than the place of birth. Read Navagraha Astrology online

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    YOur lagna is Leo(Simha).
    First house-Kethu,
    Fifth house-Sani,
    It is not good.Sani is looking 11th house and
    second house.It indicates bad finances and income.
    sixth house-moon,
    seventh house-rahu,
    10th house-Guru and Budha.-excellent.
    11th house-ravi and Sukra-These two planets are
    spoiled by Sani’s looks.
    12 th house-Kuja (neecha)-It indicates bad luck.
    Totally,you have got very good chances of getting good
    job,as tenth house is good.

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