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    Karishma Sadhwani

    TOB: 4:04am
    POB:manila, philippines

    My questions:

    1.Does my chart show any bad effect or wrong placement in any houses??
    2.If I have nari dosh or mangal can I still get married or….???
    3.So marriage is possible for me?
    4. Health issues & solution
    5. Career, opportunities overseas
    6.Which is my last question, is there any wrong planets in my chart thats causing disturbance in my life??? Because im going thru alot of difficulties…

    Would appreciate answers to these questions.
    Please. Thank you!!🙏🙏

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    Karishma Sadhwani

    DOB: Aug 17, 1982

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    Navneet Khanna

    In your natal chart we see that your Ascendant is Cancer and Rashi is Gemini. In your horoscope there is kaalsarp dosha and also chander gharan dosha. Because of the doshas you will get delays in your life. Your settlement, career, marriage will be delayed.

    You Mangal dosha gets cancel as Mars is conjoined with Jupiter. As Saturn rules the 7th house marriage will get delayed. The overseas possibility is very much in your horoscope and you should explore it. The possibility to go overseas is strong after March 2019.

    1. Recite Mantra “Om namaha Shivaye”
    2. Wear a Silver bracelet / Bangle
    3. Read Hanuman Chalisa daily


    Navneet Khanna

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    Ruhanika(female) 06-06-2017 time 12:27PM delhi. My daughter was admit in hosiptal last 5 days because she will ignoring food . when she starting food .she will discharge from hospital.and after discharging she will be alrightand eating contiunes please tell . Her health will improve

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    Plz analyse my horoscope for married life issues and progeny. we are having too many issues and lost interest in life.

    My dob: 16-3-1988 at 7.05 pm Vijayawada

    husband details: 11-5-1988, 8.30 Am, Mirialguda telangana.

    We are currently living abroad and my husband will lose job next month. Also curently we are having visa tensions and I dont want to come back to India as my husband’s house is full of problems as divorce case running for his sister and other sister staying close and always my MIL does something to disturb and torture me i am very much vexed with her. My husabnds bros marrie dlife is also at stake and total family is bad. please tell when will divorce happen for us?

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