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Future and marriage??

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    Dear sir,i want to know about my marriage
    When will it takes ,is there is any chance in 2017.
    Lot of tensions there ,in my life
    I just want to rid of all these.
    And how will be my life after marrige .
    Plzzz reply soon sir.
    Before going to paid consultation ,
    I want to know about my life after marrige
    Name:deepika bansal
    Dob:17 august 1992
    Place:patran (patiala)

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    Marriage is not a panacea to remove all tensions in life. In fact, marriage will only add to your tensions since you will have to put up with your husband also and possibly later a few children too. You better have a compatibility check of both of your horoscopes whether he will help you or use you to carry out the household duties and cleaning and laundering his dress etc. Understand that marriage is not a bed of roses and living together of two personalities is not that very easy in life.

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      Marriage is a part of life. Without marriage, we can’t amaze for this world. If you have a good life partner then your marriage life becomes happy and successful.

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    That’s why I said that to get a good life partner, you must check the horoscope compatibility and confirm it so that life becomes happy and successful. People think that marriage is a bed of roses.

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    I am totally agree with you.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    If you know everything before paid consultation,
    you wont come for paid consultation.
    As you are young lady interested in astrology,
    I am giving a few hints.
    Your lagna is Meena.
    Moon is in lagna.
    Sani is in 11th house and seeing your lagna.
    This is a negative point.
    You are having lot of tensions ,because Sani
    is seeing your lagna.
    Sani is also seeing Budha.
    Budha is owner of your marriage house.
    If you try hard ,you can get married in one year.
    Please read the article-kumrao99 penance method.

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