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Gaja Kesari Yoga In My Horoscope

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    My Date of Birth is 10th June, 1988. I was born in Ahmedabad India.

    My birth time is 08:50 AM .

    Somebody has told me that i have Gaja Kesari yoga in my kundli.

    Please check and tell me whether it is true and when I will benefit from it.??

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    Yes you have a powerful Gajakesari Yoga in your horoscope(91% strong). You will enjoy it during your Moon Dasa of 10 years from 2020 to 2030. In fact it will manifest itself in almost all dasas for sometime, but the maximum benefit will be in Moon Dasa and Jupiter Dasa.

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    rahul tripathi

    i was born on 26/01/1984 time being 07:45 am at dehradoon in uttarakhand.
    can u tell me whether i can be ever successful in civil services exams or whether do i have the yoga to become an IAS officer???

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    Do come through Premium services and get your scientific evaluation of horoscope done

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    Dear Sir,

    I Born on 9th Aug 1970 @ 3.15pm, Gudiyattam.

    I have Gajakesari yogam, what does it mean, how I will enjoy this yoga.

    thank you for your support

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    Yes you have a 63% strong GajaKesari Yoga which will benefit you for your 11th house in particular signifying Gains from career/profession etc. Normally this manifests itself in your Jupiter and Moon periods and sub periods. Currently you are running such a period which will last upto 2016.

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    Dear Sir,
    I Born on 6th Dec 1987 @ 10.05 am, Harihar – Davangere Dist, Karnataka.
    I have Gajakesari yogam, what does it mean, how I will enjoy this yoga.

    thank you for your support

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    You do not have a strong Gajakesari yoga (about 25% potency) and nor is it aspected by any benefics. Perhaps it will slightly help in periods and sub periods of Jupiter towards giving you some mental happiness. But do not count very much on it.

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      Respected sir, my dob is 7th november 1987, time 3:10 pm, place delhi.
      do i have gajkesari yoga in my kundali? if yes then what are the benefits ill be getting?

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    Jeevan kumar.A.S.

    Sir i m Jeevan Kumar.A.S. born on 29-05-1994, do i have gajakesari yoga if it so please tel me how is the effect of it.Whether it has a good impact in my life or not

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    Jeevan kumar.A.S.

    Sir u have replied that this yoga ends in 2015 but i am still studying how come this yoga will help me sir.
    And nowadays i am loosing interest over studies my DOV is 29-05-1994 time 10:40 am, place : Arsikere town(Tq),Hassan (D),Karnataka

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    Amrita Chowdhury

    Sir someone told me that I have a gajakesari yoga. Both my moon and Jupiter are in the eighth house in poorva phalguni (pada 2 and 4 respectively) Also, though my moon is in the eighth house, it is well placed in the navamsa. My birth time is 5th October 1991, 2:42 pm, and the place of birth is kolkata

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    Yes you have a Gaja Kesari Yoga in your horoscope which is only 14% strong the impact of which will not be much felt in life.

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    Om Prakash

    Sir Namaste, Birth date- Dec 02,1985 @ 10.45pm @ Jorhat,Assam. Sir,my friend told me that I have Gajkeshri,Vipreet,Parivartan and kedar yoga in my horoscope. But Sir, till now I am unemployed and unmarried despite being a graduate. All efforts went in vain. I am very much attached to my family. Please! help. Thanks and Regards.

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    Navneet Khanna

    Dear OM , there is no Gaja kesari yoga in your horoscope as Moon is functional malefic in your horoscope and Jupiter is debilitated. There are more possibility in your horoscope that you will do your own work.


    Navneet Khanna

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      Om Prakash

      Sir,thanks very much for the reply. Sir,what about the other yogas that I mentioned? Are they true? Sir,what kind of business would be fruitfull according to my horoscope? Thanks and regards.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Hello Om,
    I understand that you read some astrological books or consulted
    some astrologers,before putting your question.
    Please read books more seriously or consult astrologers
    seriously,so as to know what defects your horoscope got.
    There is negativity in your horoscope.
    Do penance for some months,to reduce the negativity
    of your horoscope.

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      Om Prakash

      Rao sir, Thanks very much for the guidance. Sir,what kind of penance should I do to curb the negativity of my horoscope please! guide. Sir, U r correct my hobby is reading astrology books. Regards.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    .You have to increase strength of your
    horoscope by your soul power.
    You can increase your soul power by doing penance.
    Penance means
    1.You have to do cold water baths daily minimum
    three baths.
    2.You have to avoid milk products(milk,curd,buttermilk,coffee,
    tea,icecreams),sweets,sweet fruits,nonveg,fish and eggs.
    You can take meals and tiffins.
    3.Drink daily unfiltered juice of 30 leaves of
    coriander leaves,20 leaves of pudina and 10gms of
    Green leaves contain cholorophyll..It is solar energy.
    It is divine in nature.It will cure your diseases and
    increase soul power.
    4.Do fasting one day in a week.On the day of fasting,
    you can eat uncooked vegetables.
    5.Feed birds,animals and ants.

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      Om Prakash

      Rao Sir, Thanks very much for briefing the procedure. Sir, for how long I will have to do this penence. Regards!

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    What is the strength of gajakesari yoga in my birth chart. Is it strong or bleak.

    04 august 1991

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    Your Gaja Kesari Yoga is 93% strong and it has to be extremely good for you. It will neutralise many of the bad effects which are present in the horoscope due to poor strength of Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus.

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    Aakash Mehta


    I have been told that I have gaja kesari yoga in my kundli. Please tell whether it is string and beneficial or not??

    Date of Birth – 10th June 1988
    Place of Birth – Bharuch Gujarat India
    Time of Birth – 8:50 AM

    I will be waiting for your reply


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    Pramod Pandey

    My name is Pramod pandey. Date of Birth is 23rd Nov, 1992. I was born in Asansol, West Bengal, India.

    My birth time is 01:00 PM in the afternoon.

    Somebody has told me that i have Gaja Kesari yoga in my kundli.

    Please check and tell me whether it is true? If so, then from when?


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    You absolutely do not have a Gaja Kesari yoga. However you do have a mediocre Dhurudhura yoga which implies that you will never be short of money for all your genuine needs.

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