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General reading, suffering of the ego

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    Elías Andri


    June 1st, 1992 Time: 22:35:47
    Reykjavík, Iceland (64.1333° N, 21.9333° W)

    I’ve been having trouble interpreting it myself, I would greatly appreciate anyone’s interpretations.

    Hugs and thanks,

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    Your planetary dispositions are given below.

    Planet Good% Bad% Lifeless

    Sun 52.06 4.91 43.03
    Moon 1.53 1.93 96.54
    Mars 1.41 1.03 97.56
    Mercury 10.14 33.68 56.18
    Jupiter 62.14 25.10 12.76
    Venus 6.56 34.05 59.39
    Saturn 9.08 5.42 85.50
    Rahu 45.11 18.22 36.67
    Kethu 14.12 46.91 38.98

    22.46 19.03 58.51

    A powerless moon and mars make you a mentally timid person while Sun is quite powerful which makes you an egoist in the form of an overconfident man. You should be able to correct it yourselves when you know this fact. Astrology forewarns you about your good and bad traits and it is our Free will which can be used to realise them and act accordingly.

    Read my blog for more details on evaluation of a horoscope.

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      Elías Andri

      Thank you for your reply, TMR. 🙂

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