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Going through very bad time. Please help me.

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    I am going through the most darkest times in my life so far. Relationship with my family is like finished. My parents tells me to find out my way on my own. They are not likely to support me anymore. I am completing my b-tech this semester. I do not have any job in my hand. I want to know what will happen next. Is time going to be more worsen for me?? I am not getting any way. What sould i do? Please suggest me a path.

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    We can on this site only evaluate your horoscope and give your rating about your success factor in career etc. for which accurate time of birth details are required. Read my blog to get more details.

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    Oh sorry sir actually i am so much tensed that i forgot to post my birth details.
    Dob- 04 august 1991
    Tob- 10:08am
    Pob- Dinhata.
    And TMR sir i did read your blog. Birthchart comparision of KRISHNA/RAMA was very interesting. Still i am reading your blog.

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    You are unlikely to succeed in working under someone financially since your 11th house, the house of gains is the weakest. And your 9th house indicating relationship with father is also very weak. My suggestion is that you first finish your B.Tech and start something on your your own with a Partner the finances for which you can avail of as a loan from the bank. Prepare a good project report beforehand.

    The best house in your charts is the 7th indicating you will get a very good life partner with whom you will have success in your career as a junior partner. Your Rahu dasa is quite powerful which will get into cruising speed by 2018 and thereafter.

    In the meantime recite Narayanakavacha and Garuda dandaka regularly which will protect you all around from ill influences. You can download them from the net.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    k.umamaheswara rao

    Your lagna is kanya..
    Two important planets for your lagna,namely Budha and Sukra are
    in 12 th house.
    It indicates that you got negative load from previous birth.
    Further Sani in 5th house,in own house,also indicates,your
    negative balance in this life.
    You have already got signals from divinity,by way of animosity
    with your father.
    You have to do penance for one or two years.

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    Thank you very much to TMR and RAO sir.

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    Sir i did heard that if rahu dasha is good then it can give more than jupiter and if it is bad then it can be vulnerable than saturn but it depends completely on birthchart. So what does my rahu dasha indicating? Is it for good or bad.
    Eagerly waiting for your valuable reply.

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    If any planet has good residential strength and is a benefic(inclined to do good) will always bring good results and vice versa. Examples are given in my blog.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    k.umamaheswara rao

    By reading a few lines here and there,you cant learn astrology.
    If you want really know astrology,you have to read books on astrology
    daily 3 hours for 3 years.Even if I answer your question,you cant
    understand it,as it contains astrological technical points.

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    Yes sir i understand. Actually i was bit of confuse by rahu dasha and you are right rao sir i just simply read it over internet about rahu dasha. Then i asked again. Sorry for the inconvinience you may have feel i highly regrett it. I am just too much worried. I respect astrology.

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    Sir when can i get married? Or when can i expect someone who really cares for me. I am going through a very lonely phase. No one cares for me.

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