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good time

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    Navneet,sir kindly tell me do i have any good yoga in my horoscope and in nearby years when good times will come in my life?plz reply…thank u…my name is Abhijit Roy,dob-17/12/1985,gender-male,
    time-13:05,place – krishnanagar,west bengal.

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    Navneet Khanna

    Not always Yoga that are in the horoscope give great results because of their bad placements and malefic influences of other planets on them, I have seen many times Good Yoga not doing much. In your horoscope 9th house lord Bhagesh or the lord of the bhagya stan Jupiter is combust . Jupiter is also the planet of wealth, fortune, wisdom and knowledge. It is a Satvik planet and brings Dev qualities in the native. Debilitated Jupiter is not good for father in your horoscope.

    Also I have just checked that in your horoscope if you change your time of birth to 13:04 instead of 13:05 your Lagan changes to Pisces.

    I dont know if you ever realized it. In that case debilitated Jupiter becomes worse as it is your Lagnesh or Ascendant lord.


    Navneet Khanna

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    so, plz tell me what is my lagna as my father had an heart operation recently and now he is more or less ok with his health…and plz tell me the starting period of my good time coming near…plz reply…thank u…

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    plz reply…thanks.

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