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Government job

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    Preeti Sharma

    Sir, my date of birth is 7th November 1987, time 3:10pm, place delhi.
    I have guru Chandal yoga in 12th house. I am jobless since 5 years. Preparing for civil services. But every time my studies get distrupted, I have been a meritorious student. When will I get government job? Will rahu ever leave my 12th house. Please provide some guidance. I am very disturbed.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    You are telling that you are having Guru chandala yoga is in 12th house.
    Guru chandala yoga is present in Meena(Pisces).
    According to your astrologer’s calculation,you are saying,your
    lagna is Mesha(Aries).

    NO.You lagna is not Mesha ,but it is Meena(PIsces).
    So,Guru chandala yoga is present in Lagna only and not in
    12th house.Rahu period ends in 2021.
    If you want to improve your fate,you have to do penance for 6months.
    Penance means you have to avoid cooked foods in the nights.
    You have to eat only uncooked vegetables after 6pm,for 6months.
    You have to take cold water headbath before sunrise daily.

    see the article in google -kumrao99 penance method.

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      Preeti Sharma

      Thank you for replying.
      So Is this true that I have guru chandal yoga??
      Date of birth 7th Nov 1987
      Time 3:10pm
      Place Delhi, INDIA
      Are there any chances for getting government job. If yes , when the government job yoga will form.
      Please answer.
      Many thanks.

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        Please reply sir, are there any chances for government job if I do penance or remedies.

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    You will do government job only yoga is there between 05/2018 and 04/2019 for job. There is no marriage yoga in your horoscope so you will not get married and if you do it will get divorced.

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      but sir im already happily married for last 1.5 years in a prosperous family and lucky in my in laws case and my husbans loves me more than anything in this world and it was love marriage with 7 years dating.

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