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Government job/bank jobs or not?

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    Hello sir.
    I am not been able to get government job so far .Is there any hope of getting it in future? Is there any stone I can wear for this purpose?
    Some one suggested me neelam.

    Dob- 08/08/1985
    Place – Patna ,Bihar
    Tym- 01:42

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    Forgot to mention the tym .
    It is 01:42 AM.

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    Navneet Khanna

    In your horoscope Jupiter rules the 10th house which is the prime house of profession/ career. Jupiter is posited in the 8th house which is not good and debilitated. This indicates instability in your career. Surya the karka for government , is conjoined with Mercury which is debilitated in Navamsha and debilitated Mars is under lot of affliction. Your horoscope is weak on this front. However Bank job, accounts jobs, education line, does suit you and you can look forward to gains on this front.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Thanks for clearing my doubt sir. I will keep doing the private job . I was thinking of quiting it for govt preparations.
    Thanks again.

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