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    Dear sir,

    My father dob is 24/2/1947 time is 6.25 am place of birth is chennai. He is mobile . Has been diagnosed with Parksinsom disease he is a sugar and heart patient. But he is independant and does not depend on anyone for his daily activities. How will his health be in the coming years So please let me know how is the current period of rahu dasa.

    . Again will there be any scope of buying new asset by selling the old house in 2017 or will there be shift Of house for rent in the year 2017 feb. We are pensioners . So we have limitations of moving on rent. We are forced to take because of construction of multiplex adjacent to our flat . So we are helpless . please guide.

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    His health will remain status quo till Feb 2019. And there is little chance of moving out of his current residence till then.

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    Dear Mr Raghavan

    Saturn transit( from jan 2017) to 11 th and will transit over badhaka venus in natal chart and from there it will aspect 1 st house…and Jupiter will move to 10th house after aug 2017, Both planets currently in transit have strength in respective rasis in ashkavarga. But health calls for attention and carefulness due to saturn transit . As Saturn is lagna lord and ashtakavarga score for dhanus is high there chance for betterment.
    Saturn will also aspect natal 5th house( which is recovery from disease) , and 9th house( badhaka ) . Saturn will transit in ketu star once ( is the doctor recommending any type operation ?) it moves to dhanus in 2017 and then in venus star….and ketu is currently in lagan…
    There is also chance in 2017 that there may be shift of residence between may 2017 till year end.

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