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Health issues

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    I am facing lot of health issues since 2002. My birth date is 09.02.1985, birth time is 2.00 am and birth place is bargarh, odisha.What should I do.

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    Please let us know whether you have problems with Head and Neck related problems which are the most probable in your charts. Or the chest and stomach related problems which are next in line.

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      I have skin related issue(Psoriasis) since 2002.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Psoriasis is very difficult to get cured.
    Anyhow you can try this method for 4months.
    Other diseases can be cured with the following method.
    Leaf juice therapy to cure any disease

    You should immediately avoid
    1. all types of milk products
    2.all types of sweets made of sugar,jaggery,honey,,
    3.all sweet fruits,
    5.all types of protein powders,dry fruits,cashewnuts,almonds,pistha,walnuts
    6.all medicines..

    7.You can eat single polished rice and wheat and jowar items.You can eat oranges,
    seeded grapes,green apples,yellow apples..
    For chronic diseases,the patient has to reduce quantity of carbohydrates and
    increase the quantity of uncooked vegetables(raddish,cucumber,carrot,capsicum etc).

    8.You have to drink juice of 30 coriander(Dhania) leaves,20 pudina(mint) leaves,7 palak(spinach) leaves,3 betel leaves,
    10 gms of ginger and 15 gm of bittergourd,unfiltered..
    If the above leaves are not available in local vegetable market,you can replace the above
    leaves with other leaves which are available in your local vegetable market.
    Patients can use Methi leavs,tulsi leaves,curry leaves,ponnan kanni leaves.

    In Usa,local leaves like celery,dandelion,spinach,parsley etc can be used.

    9.Leaves contain chlorophyll. It means sunlight.
    Upanishads Jyotir Brahma.So sunlight is God.
    Allopathic doctors say sunlight contains vitamin D.
    No one knows what is there in sunlight.

    10.Sunlight or leaves cure all diseases and remove all sins.
    Further leaves or sunlight removes all planetary evils.
    Readers are advised to read the elaborate article below.

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    You can also try eating Margosa Leaves (Neem ka patha) 20 leaves in the morning and evening for 3 to 6 months on empty stomach which will bring surprising reduction in Psoriasis. Continue with any other medication.

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