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Health recovery

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    Pranam Navneet Ji and other Respected Astrologers

    I am reaching out to you as I have been having a lot of health issues. I had surgery on sept 27 for a hysterctomy and it was a very difficult recovery. Instead of being in the hospital for a day or two I was there for 12 days. Finally came home but after a week hit a very bad side affect of the surgery .. This new side affect will require another surgery. I am so scared. I want the next surgery to be successful.. And be healthy again. Can you please advise . I would like a detail reading for my health and well being. Name is Nisha Agarwal date of birth is – Dec. 30 1970 time is 5-01 pm place of birth is Varanasi. I am not sure how much your fee is please let me know before you check my chart so I can see if it’s affordable or not. The only reason I am reaching out to you will give a good advise not scare me . Thank you in advance

    Date of birth Dec 30 1970
    Time -5.01pm
    Place Varanasi

    Desperately seeking your help

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    Your past is indicative of the present. Future will take its own course.

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      Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. But I do not understand the answer. Will my next surgery be complet successful and I will be healthy again? Also when do u see the next procedure.
      I hope you will answer and help me fusing this painful time
      Best regards

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    Success in surgery is dependent on the surgeon. Let him do his job. You will not even know that you had a surgery. Why bother? Astrology cannot give you any answer to your question. Read my blog to get some insight into the scope of astrology.

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    i am so sad there is no answer in my chart about my health and well being.. I wish you would help
    Me. You are telling me something I logically understand. Even last time I had a good surgeon.. Can u please be more clear .. I thought I would get one question answered for free. My question still remains.. Will my next surgery be succeeding smd I will be healthy again if so when do h see this on my chart
    Thank you

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    Astrology is intended to evaluate a horoscope of a person to get an overall idea about life. If it could answer specific questions like what you are asking, there will be no charm in life. Life is interesting only because of the surprise element associated with it and we do not know what happens next. There are many wayside astrologers who bluff and give you some answers and if it suits you, you will be happy. We are professionals and do not bluff using Astrology as a tool unlike the ones sitting on the banks of Ganges in Varanasi.

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